I style myself a believer in the old sing-a-long adage, make new friends and keep the old.  So let’s give a shout-out to ye olde website:

Meanwhile, about this site:

I was holding out on going out of courtesy to other Gozonskys but I don’t think there are any except my mom.  If YOU are a Gozonsky and are like, hey, I wanted that URL but it’s been hectic since 1996… let me know.   We can work something out.  This can the website for all Gozonskys + allies.

Meanwhile, what’s a post w/o a picture, right?  This is an ash tree down the street.  I love its structure and how the buds are rarin to go here in early January.  The ol’ down-the-street-ash tree; such an optimistic harbinger of the year to come.


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