I style myself a believer in the old sing-a-long adage, make new friends and keep the old.  So let’s give a shout-out to ye olde website:

Meanwhile, about this site:

I was holding out on going out of courtesy to other Gozonskys but I don’t think there are any except my mom.  If YOU are a Gozonsky and are like, hey, I wanted that URL but it’s been hectic since 1996… let me know.   We can work something out.  This can the website for all Gozonskys + allies.

Meanwhile, what’s a post w/o a picture, right?  This is an ash tree down the street.  I love its structure and how the buds are rarin to go here in early January.  The ol’ down-the-street-ash tree; such an optimistic harbinger of the year to come.


Published by MarkGozonsky

Mark Gozonsky has been writing stories and essays since he was a music snob prodigy in early-1970's San Antonio, Texas. Since then he has written about not only music but also baseball, gardening, teaching, parenting, cycling and the... glory of love. Lit Hub and The Sun have published his work, and so has the Austin Chronicle. He lives with his wife in Los Angeles, where he teaches English to some of the nicest kids in the world at an arts-themed public high school downtown.

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