Say goodbye goodbye

say goodbye, goodbye goooooodbyyyyyeeee

to Madame George: oh yes

a G-C-D song if I ever did weave one

into mine own brainpan,

when you fall into a trance,

games of chance,


the eyes


So it is with my orange catcher’s equipment


I have written elsewhere about my passion for this particular bag, which I still feel. I’m letting it go anyway because the time has come. We have bid each other a fond farewell, as first reported by OGMRGO in The Sun.

However, I’m not letting go of a 32 ounce blonde bamboo bat that still has mucho clout. That thing is a club and it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

I’m also not letting go of my scrappy Mizuno black all-purpose fielding glove because I have and still can field any position with it.

I am letting go of my orange catcher’s mitt. Let others catch with that mitt, now. He’s all broken in, fired up, ready to go.

I am keeping my black Rawlings Heart of the Hide (TM) catcher’s mitt. This target ain’t moving. This target is right here; I’m still pounding it, still not finished breaking it in.

¿Hay un corazón de piel verdad? Y tengo una pregunta mas. Como puedo demonstrar mi gratitud al The Sun for publishing demasiado de mis ruminaciones de este catcher’s mitt.

What I really want in the heARt Of MY OwN hide is, after this pandemic simmers down, to loft fungoes down at Crenshaw or anywhere else people will let me swat fungoes at ballplayers. Tennis balls work extremely well for this purpose, as drilling on catching high-lofted tennis balls can improve both courage and coordination.

In addition to the pleasure and honor of being a Fungo Coach, I believe being able to get a read on a thing in flight: that’s good prep for falconry!

Published by MarkGozonsky

Mark Gozonsky has been writing stories and essays since he was a music snob prodigy in early-1970's San Antonio, Texas. Since then he has written about not only music but also baseball, gardening, teaching, parenting, cycling and the... glory of love. Lit Hub and The Sun have published his work, and so has the Austin Chronicle. He lives with his wife in Los Angeles, where he teaches English to some of the nicest kids in the world at an arts-themed public high school downtown.

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