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I had a great time talking with Phillip Kim & Valerie Garcia for their podcast Love Set Match about my quest to play tennis on every public court in LA. I am especially struck by how often and heartily we used words such as joy and exhilaration.

Other topics & themes include:

  • being an English major;
  • racquet-throwing;
  • classic rock drumming;
  • the state of SoCal tennis (spoiler alert: it’s great!);
  • honoring the gift of physical ability; and
  • being here for Los Angeles when she needs us.

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Mark Gozonsky is the author of The Gift is to the Giver: Chronicles of a 21st Century Decade (Keppie Usage, 2022). His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Sun, and Lit Hub. Mark’s essay, “Gritty All Day Long,” is anthologized by Norton and featured in Best American Sports Writing. He has been writing since his emergence as a gigantic music nerd in early-1970’s San Antonio, Texas. Stints as a regular commentator on public radio’s Marketplace and Internet 1.0 exec preceded a 20-year run as a public school teacher. Marko’s favorite writing topics include unorthodox pedagogy, well-intended gardening, and the intersection of baseball and urban bicycling. He lives with his wife in Los Angeles, where he is working on a new book about his quest to play tennis on every free public court in LA.

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