Cultivating Epazote

You can grow this herb for fuller-flavored tacos or elote, but I’m in it for the medicinal effect of — I feel like I can tell you this, because we’re friends, or about to be — relieving a gassy tummy.

Epazote is not picky about where it grows. You should be a little picky about where you plant it, though. Separate it from the rest of the garden unless you want your whole garden to be epazote. It’s like mint in this regard.

Otherwise, epazote doesn’t care much about soil. Give it sun, and a little less water than the rest of the garden, which won’t be hard because you planted it in some obscure patch where you might occasionally forget about it.

You may be wondering, where do I get epazote? I was wondering this too until I saw a whole rack of it at the nursery where gardeners go a couple of blocks from my house. So I would suggest going to a nursery where gardeners as in jardineros go. That’s where they pick up the stuff they want to plant in their own gardens. If you’re lucky you might get invited to a taco party!

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