What working in an almost empty school

taught me

about the future of learning

–> in Chalkbeat

STOPLOOK&LISTEN for this recent essay, “REMOTE TEACHER LOVE” —
on my favorite lit site in LA —

you complete me

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IN THE NEWS: I had spent the past two years waking up every day thinking, “Today’s the day Madeleine Brand invites me to be on Pressplay.” And then one day it happened.

In The Mushroom Farmer — to confront food insufficiency in Los Angeles made even worse by COVID-19, the mf expands his vegetable garden to the parkway between sidewalk and curb

The Mushroom Farmer, Book 3, Chapter 14

Before the mf left, he was frantic to weed Row 6, which was choked with crabgrass. The crabgrass in particular recalled the zig-zag stitches of Frankenstein’s monster, that lonesome and vicious brute. Row 6 altogether made the mf feel the sharp-tooth wound of raising a miscreant. It was neither this nor that. Yes, nigella thrived there, deep blue or purple or light blue or white & blue flowers, always something different with nigella, and always profuse, and yetContinue reading “The Mushroom Farmer, Book 3, Chapter 14”

Did you hear I have an essay featured in Best American Sports Writing 2020?

The Sun magazine has lit me up, recently publishing three essays about the infinitely receding tail end of my baseball career.

How I Got to First Base,The Sun, November 2020

The Orange Appreciation Award,” The Sun, March 2020

Gritty All Day Long,” The Sun, November 2019

Wait… were you looking for the long, long list of pretty much everything I’ve published since the Internet? That’s over here.

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