Previously, in The Mushroom Farmer… to confront food insufficiency in Los Angeles made even worse by COVID-19, the mf expands his newly productive as opposed to merely whimsical garden to the parkway beyond his front yard, between the sidewalk and the curb.

The Mushroom Farmer, Chapter 22

The mf is a birthday balloon flying away and away and away, transforming from lost toy to miracle of flight to speck in sky to nothing. Come back, mf! We need you!

GRAPEFRUIT SNOWMANEpisode 6: ft. used coffee grounds and filter + new chicken run & all-access pass winners

The Sun magazine has lit me up, recently publishing three essays about the infinitely receding tail end of my baseball career.

How I Got to First Base,The Sun, November 2020

The Orange Appreciation Award,” The Sun, March 2020

Gritty All Day Long,” The Sun, November 2019

Lucky, Plucky, Clucky & Kentucky are out and about: experience their first few weeks of literally running circles around me in “House of Straw,” on the warm-hearted City Creatures blog at the upstanding Center for Humans and Nature.

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