Courts I Have Already Played On

  1. Ladera. Unincorporated LA County near Inglewood. This is heaven, here right now.
  2. Rancho. The Jungle, near Dorsey High. The proving ground.
  3. Veteran’s Park. Culver City. First place I played when starting back up again 20 years ago. Good backboard!
  4. Lindberg Park. Culver City. Better known as choo-choo train park when my daughters were toddlers.
  5. North Park. Inglewood. Took a lesson with Dennis Richardson up there once. He’s a great coach.
  6. Redondo Union High School. Redondo Beach. Fun bike-riding destination.
  7. Christine Emerson Reed Park. Santa Monica. Got demolished in a tournament here.
  8. Ed Vincent Park, a/k/a Inglewood. So beautiful with the trees and gentle slope down from the parking lot. Played a lot of team tennis here. Fond memories.
  9. Jim Gilliam Park, Baldwin Park. Lots of folks take lessons here.
  10. Fox Hills, Culver City. Held my own in doubles.
  11. Crenshaw High School. Played a couple sets a few times when I taught here. Did all right.
  12. Cheviot Hills. This is where my friend B taught me the kick serve, and where I played with my friend E and his whole crew. More fondness.
  13. USC. Played here with some teachers from Weemes Elementary when I taught there, also with lifelong friends K and K. Tremendous fondness.
  14. Mar Vista Rec. These courts are kinda grunge-y and windy. Sorry.
  15. Beverly Hills Tennis Center. This place is a country club for the people. Great for trying out new racquets.
  16. Penmar, Santa Monica. Also kinda grunge-y and last time I checked, missing some center straps on the nets, which is points off.
  17. Riverside, Los Feliz. I think I actually won a tournament match here. Anything is possible!
  18. Ocean View Park, Santa Monica. Gem.
  19. West LA College, Culver City. Overshadowed in my memory by the time I was playing baseball there and my team woulda won the championship if I had just stepped on third after fielding that grounder. But I didn’t.
  20. Westwood Park. Fonder memories of my daughters playing adorable soccer here than of me playing bleh tennis.
  21. Vermont Canyon, Griffith Park. First place I realized that people do not like playing with me when I slice too much. I am trying to quit doing that. It’s hard.
  22. Westchester. Lotta team tennis practice here. Court Justice 4ever!
  23. Pacific Palisades. See above.
  24. Harvard Rec, South LA. Played here on New Year’s Day once. Good times.

Those were all before my current quest to play on every public court in LA. Since embarking on this quest, I have played on the following courts as detailed richly in this blog or on my hard-to-believe-it’s-real YouTube channel:

Griffith Park, Charles Wilson (Torrance), Echo Park, Poinsettia (Hollywood), Hernon/Arroyo Seco (Highland Park), Elysian Park, Stoner (West LA), Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Rec, Loyola Marymount, Brace Canyon (Burbank), Shatto (Koreatown), Rawley (Gardena), Holly (Hawthorne), Balboa (Encino), Barrington (Brentwood), and coming soon… Cal State LA and Reed Park (Santa Monica).

HMU to suggest public tennis courts in LA County that I haven’t played on yet!

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